Brief Interview with Chris Roberts

Though we would like to have made a deeper and lively interview with the creator of the game that is already making history: STAR CITIZEN, we had the chance to send him a brief set of questions which Chris Roberts has gently answered exclusively for CIUDADANO ESTELAR.


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Ciudadano Estelar: First of all, thank you for your time to answer this questions.

Over $9 million and rising. More than 150K backers. Did you ever thought the game would be so successful so early? And how do you feel about it in terms of pressure and responsability?

Chris Roberts: I’m blown away by how well we’ve done – I was *hoping* for $4M from the campaign (which at the time would have been a record) and thought we should be able to do $2M based on the popularity of space sims and my games compared to campaigns that were for other popular gaming genres from the 90s. So yes, definitely there is pressure and responsibility. Everyone has contributed a significant amount of money TWO YEARS before the game will be ready. That’s a lot of faith and enthusiasm that I don’t want to let down!

I think the game is making history already, despite how successfull could be at launch.


Ciudadano Estelar: Do you think Star Citizen could change the industry in the long run, make it return to the golden age when games were made by gamers for gamers?

vaduul ambush 2-500x283-web altaChris Roberts: I don’t think it is just STAR CITIZEN – we’re just the biggest – but there is a definite trend in the empowerment of gamers and developers over the old game publishing model controlled by a few billion dollar corporations. I don’t think the big AAA titles like Call of Duty or FIFA will go away, but I do think there will be a fertile area that STAR CITIZEN is in, as well as games like Tim Schafer’s Project Eternity, Planetary Annihilation, Torment and Shroud of the Avatar, that is more focused on developers making a type of game that was until recently considered out of vogue for gamers that have missed playing those kind of games.


Ciudadano Estelar: What can you tell me about the linux-MAC version of STAR CITIZEN? Do we have to abandon all hope or are there still chances to see a linux/mac native STAR CITIZEN’s version?

kilrahti-300x200-web altaChris Roberts: We would love to have a Mac AND a Linux version of STAR CITIZEN. The issue is more on the CryEngine side. They need to support Open GL – currently CryEngine is just Direct X. There is talk of Crytek potentially doing this, so who knows in the future?


Ciudadano Estelar: The most iconic aliens of your games are the Kilrathi. Catlike alien races are quite common in science fiction. To me the best, along with the kilrathi, are the lion-like Hani from Chanur’s saga by C.J. Cherryh. Will we have a catlike alien race in STAR CITIZEN?

Chris Roberts: You missed the Larry Niven’s Kzin! I think the Vanduul are the closest to the Kilrathi in spirit – they’re not really cat like but there are features that are nods to the Kilrathi.firefly-300x300-web alta


Ciudadano Estelar:  You’ve been in the film industry for 10 years. Will there be a STAR CITIZEN film like there was a WING COMMANDER film?

Chris Roberts: Who knows? Right now I’m focusing on the game, but the world is very rich and deep and I think there would be the possibility for many stories – I actually think a Firefly type TV show set in the STAR CITIZEN universe would be cool.


CIUDADANO ESTELAR thanks Chris Roberts inmensely the time he has dedicated to answer our questions and we expect to have the chance, in the near future, to make an in-depth interview for all spanish speaking backers and fans.

Versión española.

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