Ep. 10 – Los Informes se Intensifican

Contenido: In extremis durante un martes antes de la cena, el equipo de Conversaciones en el Espectro se reúne de nuevo para comentar las últimas novedades de Star Citizen, lo que incluye los dos últimos 10 for the Chairman, el Informe Semanal de la Segunda Semana de Mayo y el tan esperado revamp de las estadísticas de las naves, que revelaron el desarrollo de bombarderos alienígenas y el arma secreta de la UEE: el F8 Lightning.

Créditos musicales:
- Bear McCreary; Human target Intro Theme; Chances Theme, sketch 1 versión, Into the West, Skyhook Rescue (Human Target) Admiral And Commander (Battlestar Galactica Season 3)
- Pedro Camacho; Star Citizen Launcher.
- Jeff Danna – Saints From The Streets, Crew Cut Vs. Poppa M (The Boondock Saints II)
- Trevor Rabin – Adam’s Theme, In The Beginning, Adam Goes Home, The Roof Top, (The 6th Day)
- John Williams – The Penitent Man Will Pass, End Credits [Raiders March] (Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade)
- James Newton Howard – Let’s Start, Bow And Arrow (The Hunger Games Catching Fire) Leaving Nova Prime, After Earth (After Earth)
- Brad Fiedel – John & Dyson Into Vault, Main Title, (Terminator 2)
- Jeremy Soule – For Blood, for Glory, for Honor (Elder Scrolls Online)
- Klaus Badelt – History, Six Can’t Help, Let Me Pass, Playground, Main Theme (Ultraviolet)
- Dave Grusin – The Quest Begins (The Goonies)
- Mark Griskey and Jeff Marsh – The Force Unleashed, PROXY, General Kohta, (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)
- Scott Morton – End Credits (Darksiders) Into Eternity, Makers In the Outlands (Darksiders 2)
- Nicholas Hooper – The Ministry Of Magic (Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix)
- Jesper Kyd – Earth (Assasins Creed 2)
- Trevor Jones – Remember the Past (Aegis)
- Dennis McCarthy – Theme from STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE (Single Version)
- Steve Jablonsky – Nest (contains instrumental excerpt from Linkin Park – New Divide) (Transformers 2)
- Orbital – The Saint Theme
- Bryan Tyler – Summon The Worms, The Arrival Of Lady Jessica, Main Title (House Atreides) (Children of Dune)
- Subvision and Guy Gross – Theme from Farscape (Farscape)
- Joel Goldsmith – The Supergate, The Battle Begins, The Healing, (Stargate – The Ark of Truth)
- Harald Kloser – Alien Vs Predator Main Theme, The End or Maybe Not (AVP)
- Yello – Oh Yeah
- Hans Zimmer – I Will Find Him, Launch, Flight, Look to the Stars (Man of Steel)
- Michael Giaccino – Kirk Enterprises, Warp Core Values (Star Trek Into Darkness)
- James Horner – Landing Preparation Sequence (Part 2) (Aliens Complete Score)
- Matthew McCaully – Dylan Hunt, (Andromeda)